911 Bryant Place, Ojai, CA 93023


Founded by pioneer mastering engineer and Grammy Technical Achievement awardee Doug Sax in 1967, The Mastering Lab  is one of the first independent mastering facilities in the world. Now located in Ojai, CA, the Mastering Lab remains a revolutionary state-of-the-art company, having earned itself more Grammy nominations for engineering than any other mastering facility.

The Mastering Lab’s state-of-the-art 5.1 audio facility utilizes unique concepts of signal flow and electronics pioneered by Doug’s brother, Sherwood Sax. The custom-electronics from the tape machines to the equalizers, compressors / limiters, A/D – D/A converters, monitoring amplifiers, and console are all purpose-designed and handcrafted. The musical use of this peerless equipment has earned The Mastering Lab more Grammy nominations for engineering than any other mastering facility. Completing the Mastering Lab team are multi-awarded mastering engineers Robert Hadley (Diana Krall, Ray Charles) and NARAS Producer/Engineering wing head Eric Boulanger (Better Than Ezra, Colbie Caillat).

[pictureframe image=”” align=”left” lightbox=”true” title=”Jett & Doug during downtime” link=”” width=”200″ height=””] After a year in Avatar Studios (Manhattan, NY), Jett moved to California to become the newest member of the Mastering Lab family. As the personal assistant mastering engineer to Doug Sax, Jett is in charge of SADiE / Pro Tools DAW operations and the final digital delivery of audio masters for duplication.


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