Wu Bai and China Blue

Endless Shining Sadness

Released: December 13, 2013

Label: Universal

Artist Websitehttp://www.wubai.com

Available on CD at Books.com (Taiwan)

  1. 無盡閃亮的哀愁 Endless Shining Sadness
  2. 生存遊戲Survival Game
  3. 手 Hand
  4. 答案 The Answer
  5. 虧欠 I Owe You
  6. 就是因為愛 Because Of Love
  7. 我們註定在一起 Meant To Be Together
  8. 小妹 My Little Sister
  9. 青春與愛情 Youth And Love
  10. 一次 One Time
  11. 太極 Tai Chi