Wrong Is Right


Released: July 21st 2015

Label: Independent

Bandcamp sitehttp://wrongisright.bandcamp.com

Wrong Is Right is the blend of mandolin, fiddle and upright bass, played by Jake Howard, Sumaia Jackson and Mike Gaisbacher respectively. These three vibrant players and tune-writers met through a love of roots music at Berklee College of Music.  Bringing backgrounds in many American roots music styles with combined skill and finesse on their instruments, Wrong Is Right is carving a path through the contemporary acoustic scene.  With driving groove and elegant melodic interpretation, they explore the converging aspects of Bluegrass, jazz and other roots music.  Their poise and witty personalities bring their music to life.

An entirely original EP, arranged by Wrong is Right.
Recorded at the Record Company, Boston MA
Recorded and Mixed by Dan Bui
Mastered by Jett Galindo


Jake Howard- Mandolin/Vocals
Sumaia Jackson- Fiddle/Vocals
Mike Gaisbacher- BassTumbleweed written by Sumaia Jackson
View From Scotia Street & Sweet Soul written by Jake Howard
Last Call written by Sumaia Jackson & Jake Howard
All lyrics written by Jake Howard/ Last Call lyrics co-written with Brenna Carroll