Tom Freund

Two Moons

Released: June 17, 2014

Label: Surf Road Records

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Available on CD, Vinyl and MP3

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Having moved from one coast to the other (via Austin) and now calling Los Angeles home, Tom Freund has had his literate imagination stoked in so many instances that all he needs is a melody to hang his thoughts on, and he’s off. One of Graham Parker’s favorite singer/songwriters, Freund self-produced 2 Moons and includes his most matter-of-fact material to date.

“Same Old S**t Different Day” appreciates the predictable weirdness of Venice Beach as openheartedly as “Angel Eyes” openly acknowledges the Southern California friends who demonstrate true friendship as an everyday no-big-deal. “Lemme Be Who I Wanna Be” is an nonironic affirmation of life. As a songwriter who’s spent time in the surly Northeast, Freund’s prompted to note in “Sugar Pie” that it “doesn’t have one sarcastic line in the whole song.” The sweetly orchestrated “Happy Days Lunch Box” namechecks characters from the TV show as Freund remembers his own childhood. Musically, Freund settles on an efficient crew (drummers Michael Jerome and Michael Iveson, keyboardist Chris Joyner, and bassist John Button), who add color and pulse.

Angel Eyes
Heavy Balloon
Lemme Be Who I Wanna Be
Happy Days Lunch Box
Next Time Around
Grooves out of My Heart
Weekend Guy
Me and Bernice
Mind of Your Own
Same Old Shit Different Day [Explicit]
Sugar Pie