A Wish for Christmas

Released: December 2006

Label: Jesuit Communications

Artist Websitehttp://www.hangad.org

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A Wish for Christmas

In 2005, we were approached by a volunteer of Ang Arko Ng Pilipinas, an NGO that cares for underprivileged people with mental and psychological disabilities. This volunteer had written a Christmas song inspired by one of Arko’s wards, an individual with autism who got so scared by the noises around Manila every holiday season that he had to be taken to the province where he could enjoy the peace. This volunteer had never heard of Hangad or heard our songs, but he found us online and wrote to us, asking if we could record this song to help raise funds for Arko. We listened to the song and were immediately struck by it. In December that same year, we performed “Raymond’s Lullaby” for the first time; and the next year, we recorded and released “A Wish for Christmas”, a Christmas card with CD including “Raymond’s Lullaby” and a few other Christmas favorites. Today, a part of every purchase of “A Wish for Christmas”  is donated to Ang Arko ng Pilipinas, in fulfillment of this volunteer’s dream.

1.    Raymond”s Lullaby
2.    Child Emmanuel
3.    Paskong Pinoy Medley
4.    Silent Night